Prospective Customers

We are always seeking more ways to apply the latest technology to do good in the world.

We provide low-cost consultations to non-profits, educators, civic and political policy creators, investigative reporters, and other organizations that are improving transparent, critical thinking and communication. Please write us at GoodIdea@

We are well aware the power of our technology has ready applications in other areas. We are not offering our platform to companies in the finance, fossil fuel, advertising, espionage, or defense industries.

Prospective Investors

We are open to investment partners.

If you would like to be considered for future rounds, you may write us at GoodInvestment@

OHMENSE: Reasoning AI for Communities

Cloud-based intelligent decision systems that unify communities and discussions around events, decisions and information.

Bringing together expertise in best-in-class machine learning and analytics for Kensho, large scale distributed systems for Tumblr, and low-latency systems for financial services, Ohmense's systems unify community conversation.