Longsighted returns are everything: find validated investments, managers and funds on the right side of the markets, and history.

Auto-organize fund, fund manager and portfolio-level insights and features from unstructured data.

Prospective Customers

Fund and fund-of-fund managers seeking enticing, longsighted returns with strong appeal to the growth investor may write us at GoodIdea@


Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing is going mainstream--and OHMense leads the machine-learning future in aligning investors, funds, managers and companies to distinguish their investment story and exposures. What is really behind the score?


financial security

on the right side of the market,
and the right side of history.

Built by the expertise that helped create best-in-class machine learning and analytics Kensho, large scale distributed systems at Tumblr, and low-latency systems and research platforms for financial services, OHMense keeps your investments on the right side of history and the market.