Long-sighted anticipation

OHMense : an unstructured data company

Is your future sitting on the sidelines in a money market account?

  • Get your money on the right side of the market, working for you
  • Target growth and value investments on the right side of history
  • Eliminate rent-seeking fees for inefficient research and greenwash marketing
OHMense Green Growth Certified

Green. Returns.

Institutional Power For Your Every Dollar

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OHMense Green Growth

Surface investments you will be proud to hold. Start building multi-decade compounding returns that brighten your future, and for future generations.

No more wasting away in a uninteresting savings account. Don't lock your future up in a CD. Stop falling behind in a money market account.

Fund of Funds Monitor

Wondering if your allocations are still in the green? Get a full picture of what is hiding behind your holdings' single "ESG score."

Measure and hold accountable that funds, managers and investments uphold your standards, values and goals for returns that make us all smile.

Get Certified

Drive AUM by distinguishing your brand, services, funds, ETFs and practices from the herd.

Learn how to build a Green Growth Certified fund, ETF and business that sets your results apart from the quarterly "just trust us" treadmill.

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Peace of mind that your money is aligned with lasting brands and value.


Adapt to the changing market and businesses risks sourced from up-to-date information


Invest early in the growing momentum of forward-looking businesses and leaders.