Long-sighted anticipation

OHMense : an unstructured data company

Gather immediate analysis using flexible, open-ended questions.

  • Learn from the tone and nuance of free-form answers
  • Which side effects co-occur?
  • What features drive consumer passion?
OHMense Cloud-Mind MR Engine

Nuance. Advantage.

Immediate Qualitative Understanding

as a 24-7-365 service
Master Key

Used by medical device manufacturers, drug companies, consumer product designers and marketing thought-leaders to rapidly focus on the best results.

Extract the key ideas and details from unstructured data. Turn cloud-scale problems into human-scale intuition.

Verbatim Insights

Instantly recode, categorize and organize transcripts, responses and feedback on the features that matter.

Filter, slice, sort and combine across unstructured data as easily as in excel or a notebook.

Latent Groups

Any army of cloud-computers seek and surface hidden connections, relationships and categories in seconds.

Let the computer do the deep-dive research, reporting up to you to decide the course of action.

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Tease apart qualitative, open-ended answers into time-saving, critical features like symptom co-occurrence, feature desirability, and key motivators.

appetite 17

nausea 12

sweat 11

anxiety 10

dream 7

insomnia 6

feel 12

extreme 10

quit 22